KC Pro Aviar - Calvin Heimburg Logo

KC Pro Aviar - Calvin Heimburg Logo

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Flight Numbers: 

Speed Glide Turn Fade
2 3


Support Calvin Heimburg by picking up a KC Aviar featuring Calvin's personal logos. This is the first run of these Aviars and quantities are limited. 

Colors will vary. These will be a mixture of center stamps and corner stamps. We cannot guarantee exact logo placements, weights, or colors, however, you may add notes and we will do our best to accommodate the request. 

The KC “Ken Climo” Aviar is an Aviar with a beaded rim. This Aviar model uses a firm pro plastic and is great for players who prefer a stiff, durable putter. The KC Aviar is more overstable than the traditional Aviar putters. This is a good disc for drives as well as short putts, and is endorsed by 12 time world champion Ken Climo.

KC Pro plastic was developed for the demanding needs of 12 time World Disc Golf Champion Ken Climo. This plastic is the favorite putter and midrange plastic of many pros who would also like to be world champions.

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