Firebird - Calvin Heimburg Silhouette

Firebird - Calvin Heimburg Silhouette

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Flight Numbers: 

Speed Glide Turn Fade
9 3

Support Calvin Heimburg by picking up a disc featuring Calvin's personal logos. This is the first run of these discs and quantities are limited. 

This is a pre-sale. Discs are expected to arrive at the end of February and will ship promptly after they arrive. Any items ordered with these pre-order items will not ship until the discs arrive.

Colors will vary. We cannot guarantee exact weights or colors, however, you may add notes and we will do our best to accommodate the request. 

The Firebird is the first “very overstable” disc that developing disc golfers should get. This disc will provide a massive fading hook, but it’s not so fast that it can’t be controlled by less powerful players. The Firebird makes a great forehand driver and can easily handle headwinds.

Innova Champion plastic is a transparent ultra durable hi-tech plastic that provides outstanding performance and long life. Discs in Champion Line plastic maintain their flight characteristics 5X longer than do DX discs.

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