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Flight Numbers: 

Speed Glide Turn Fade
11 5 0 2

The Animus is a high-performance distance driver with a slightly overstable flight pattern. It handles torque well when thrown by experienced players, but does not have so much fade that it is unmanageable by recreational players who need an overstable driver in their bag. We like to think of it as an Innova Wraith with a touch more overstability. 

When naming the Animus we looked to the Latin definition meaning Spirit, Mind as well as the English definition of Hostility which gave us a very interesting duality in the definition. We explored the hostility side with this first release design work for the Ethos Animus.

On our Ethos plastic, we have the primal rage of ancient humanity with our Ape design. Fangs bared in full attack mode with a fun digital twist.

On our Aura plastic, we have an android having a spiritual awakening where there is a sudden burst of light or energy coming from its third eye.  

On our Ethereal plastic, we worked with the cold-blooded influence of natures sly assassin the snake. Agile as well as powerful snakes strike their targets with quick calculated speed. 


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