Gander Disc Golf is excited to be a VII Apparel partner store. VII Apparel has created a custom line of Gander Disc Golf jerseys, neckies, and towels. They have also created a line of Casey Hanemayer Signature Jerseys, toques, hats, shirts, and hoodies. Profits from Casey Hanemayer branded apparel support his season and career. We hope you love VII as much as we do!

There are really two things you need to know about Jesse at Trash Panda:

He's a disc golfer and a maker.

Jesse started playing disc golf over 12 years ago, and some of his best friends and greatest memories came from the sport.

As for making things, he started as early as his mom would let his dad give him a power tool. While his first love was woodworking, his deep care for our earth led him to recycling all kinds of materials.

So there’s really three things you should know about him: he disc golfs, he makes things, and he believes in leaving this earth better than he found it.

Our partnership with Trash Panda started with releasing his 100% Recycled Minis in Canada and we can't wait to see where our partnership with Trash Panda Disc Golf leads.

The collision of those things is Trash Panda.

Frisbee Rob is a motivational speaker, author, frisbee ambassador, and a 6x Guinness World Record holder. Rob has introduced disc sports to over 400 schools. He is also a great human that we are proud to partner with. 

Our partnership with Frisbee Rob will involve many projects and initiatives aimed at growing the sport of disc golf and disc sports in general. Our first focus is bringing disc golf to school. Our goal is to have every student in Canada experience the benefits of playing disc golf.

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AFC is an Edmonton-based ultimate frisbee club with teams that compete in tournaments around the world and at the annual Canadian Ultimate Championships. They aim to grow the sport of ultimate in our province, our country, and around the world.

AFC exists to provide opportunities and accessibility to individual players and touring teams from Alberta to train for and compete at national and international events.

Recently, ultimate frisbee players have been taking their talents to the disc golf course. Gander is excited to have our logo on AFC jerseys and we can't wait to build bridges between these two communities.

Great North Disc Golf is Mitch Taylor from Calgary, Alberta. Mitch is a passionate disc golfer who is creating unique content for Instagram and YouTube. Make sure you check out his YouTube channel here and make sure you follow him on social media!



Candid Coffee Roasters is an Edmonton business that shares our philosophies around building community and providing outstanding products. Not only do they roast the best coffee, they also love disc golf! Candid has supported many local disc golf events and even created a limited 'Gander Blend' for our local customers. When you come into our store, Candid coffee will be available so you can see what all the hype is about. Make sure you check them out in person or online!

Edmonton Roundnet was founded and run by David van den Bijgaart. He is a passionate Spikeball Ambassador (and newer convert to disc golf) that is constantly looking to continue to grow the sport of Roundnet in Edmonton and Area. 

He is committed to running leagues and tournaments throughout the year. Do not hesitate to contact David if you are looking to bring Roundnet into your school, work place, personal life. He is always willing to talk Spikeball and will help out in any way that he can. 

Follow @EdmontonRoundnet on Instagram and Facebook to stay connected and up-to-date on the Roundnet scene in Edmonton