Gander Team Recommendations

Cindy (beginner): I am a casual disc golfer. I generally play with my husband once in a while on a date night or on family outing with the kids. I throw whatever he tells me to, which right now seems to be the Prodigy F7. I am also a huge fan of anything recycled to help make the sport more sustainable. MVP has a few putters in their new R2 Neutron plastic. Take a look at any of those if you are looking to purchase a more environmentally friendly product! 
I also suggest taking a look at our beginner sets if you’re a family just looking to get started.

Ryan (advanced): I am an avid disc golfer; I try to get out to the course a couple times a week. On the days when I can't make it out to the course, you'll probably find me putting in the backyard with my kids.

Being a backhand only thrower, the Prodigy M4 is one of my favourite discs. It's under stable flight can give me the same shot as a forehand. A newer M4 is going to fly dead straight with almost no fade, while a beat-in M4 gives me buttery smooth turnovers and deadly straight hyzer flips. I usually have multiple of these discs in my bag at different stages of wear.

On the faster side of things, I rely on the Discmania PD. For me, it hits the sweet spot between accuracy and max distance. It has the right amount of over stability to be extremely reliable and trustworthy, while still being able to rip down the fairway and give me good distance. (P.S. This is the best thumber disc I've ever thrown)


Julie (beginner): I go disc golfing every now and then with Calvin and we do some putting on our practice baskets at home. Some of the putting games we play are addicting and it sure is annoying missing when I'm not that far away! 

My favourite putter is the EV-7 Penrose. It is easily the most comfortable putter I've used and gives me the best chance during those addicting putting games :).

The fairway driver that I prefer off the tee is the MVP Relay. While I'm still learning how to control discs, this one goes where I want most often, without heading too far to the left or the right. Since my sons can throw as far as I can (forehand and backhand for Pete's sake!), I've begun throwing forehands instead of always throwing backhand. The Essence made it easy for me to learn forehand and it's fun to actually gain some distance on my drives.

Calvin (advanced): I've been playing disc golf for about four years and right now I try to get out and play about once a week.

The first disc I recommend is one I recently fell in love with. It's a stable putter that I also use off the tee: EV-7 Penrose. I love the feel and flight of this putter.

Another staple in my bag is the Discraft Zone. This approach disc is so reliable and I throw it backhand and forehand.

I've recently started throwing a Discmania MD3 midrange as well. I have found it to have the perfect stability and glide when I need to hit a line and have a reliable fade.