Gander Disc Golf's group sessions are a great way to learn something new, improve your skills, and strengthen relationships.
We love introducing disc golf to new groups and we tailor the experience to suit your goals: team building, skill development, youth empowerment, and more. 

We offer two options:
1. Group Disc Rental - $200.
All our rental discs are beginner-friendly midrange discs: this means each person can use one disc for all their throws and they are designed to fly straight! We have up to a maximum of 40 discs and your group is responsible for picking up and returning the discs at our storefront during business hours
2. Disc Golf Clinic + Disc Rental + Prize - $350
A member of the Gander team will run a 30 minute introductory clinic for your group: teaching throwing and putting form and explaining the rules of disc golf. Our team member will then get your group set up for a round of disc golf and help them navigate the course. Your group will also get a Disc Golf Starter Set that can be used for a prize or giveaway! Groups are responsible for returning the rental discs to our storefront during business hours.
*Buy Discs for your Group*
Talk to us about corporate or group pricing if you are interested in buying a set of discs for your group.
To learn more or book your group event, reach out here and we can get started!