Gander Disc Golf is proud to be the new sponsor of Casey Hanemayer. Casey is part of Team Prodigy and is poised to make major moves.

We have collaborated with Prodigy and Casey to create custom apparel and Casey Hanemayer Signature Discs on premium Prodigy plastic. These are available exclusively from Gander.

We are excited to promote and support one of Canada's top-ranked disc golfers on our social media so you can follow his career and support him. This will include Casey's tournament scores, updates, videos, and more. Casey will be playing across Canada and on the Disc Golf Pro Tour in the US next season. We're excited to get behind him and support Canada's best.

To learn more about his career, goals, favourite discs, and how he got into disc golf, scroll down to read our short interview with Casey Hanemayer.

Here's some of the coverage Casey has been a part of in the last number of years and his most recent 'In The Bag:'

Get to know Casey Hanemayer:

What are the major highlights of your disc golf career so far?

Playing in Thailand with some big names like Big Jerm and Gregg Barsby was kind of the start of the highlights, and being on film was a bonus. 

Playing at Worlds in Vermont then up to PEI for my first Canadian Nationals was an awesome disc golf trip, then I earned a spot to go play at USDGC 2018. It was a pretty wicked year for disc golf. 

2019 started with me playing in the Team Disc Golf Championships in Estonia, a really cool experience. The people who were on the team were a great bunch.

Although we had a different kind of season in 2020, it was a big one for me. First my sponsorship from Prodigy Disc; Prodigy Canada has been an awesome company to be a part of. I also hit 1020 rated which became the highest rating in Canada, a big accomplishment.  

What are your goals for this season and beyond?

My goals are to play in some bigger events down in the US and increase my rating by 10 points. I also hope to be able to compete at a high level for as long as I can.

Where will you be playing this year?

I will be playing a bunch of events in Alberta and BC; B-tiers and up will be on my radar. I also hope to get over to Ontario for a couple events. I will be going down to the US to play some of the Disc Golf Pro Tour events as well, and I will be getting my schedule finalized soon.

You are sponsored by Prodigy. What are your favourite Prodigy discs and why?

P Model S is definitely my favorite disc as it is my putter and that is where the money is made on the green. It feels really good in the hand and has a good amount of glide for a nice float on the putt.

A3 is a great control disc with good stability and I use it for many different shots. 

F5 is another control disc that can be used for any shot. It's really nice for straight tunnel shots.

D1 400s has a great feel and has good stability for long distance drives, and the same goes for the D Model S.

500 and 750 are my favorite blends of plastic 

How long have you played disc golf and how did you get into the sport?

I started when I was around 12. My dad was involved in building the college course in Cranbrook, BC and we also had an object course out where we camped in the summer. I grew up playing frisbee so I knew about disc flight but never really got into disc golf until 2016. The competitive side is awesome and the individual pressure is why I enjoy disc golf so much. It makes it very different from team sports.   


Thanks for reading and watching. Get ready for big things from Casey Hanemayer and Gander Disc Golf this year!