Team Gander 2023

Casey Hanemayer

Casey is a professional disc golfer from Cranbrook, BC. Casey has been ranked at or near the top of Canada for the last few years. Casey plans to play on the Disc Golf Pro Tour in 2023, along with a list of B and A-Tiers in Canada. 

Jake Voskamp

Jake is a 19-year-old professional disc golfer from Beamsville, Ontario. Jake had multiple top 10 finishes in major tournaments last year and took 13th place at Canadian Nationals. Look for Jake to make major moves in the Eastern Canadian disc golf scene!


Kalan Schat

Kalan is a 16-year-old disc golfer from Beamsville, Ontario. He is the highest rated 16 and under disc golfer in Ontario, winning multiple tournaments last year and looking to climb the ranks in MPO in 2023!



Conall is a 972 rated 16-year-old disc golfer from Calgary, Alberta. Conall has multiple wins to his name and is making waves in Western Canada. Conall plans to play in Junior Worlds and around Alberta and BC in 2023.