Welcome to Flight League

Welcome to Flight League Edmonton! 
We are so excited for this comprehensive and interactive league experience. We're also excited to use our social media this year to promote you and the rest of the players that make disc golf in the Edmonton area awesome!
Mark your calendar for April 30th - Bailey's Crossing Disc Golf Course will be open all day for people who've registered for Flight League, and it's open for people who are still interested in joining. Keep in mind that at this time there are no washrooms or running water at Bailey's but Devon is 5 minutes away. Bailey's Crossing is on the UDisc app to help you get there. Spread the word!
Make sure you spread the word and encourage your friends to join Flight League Edmonton! 
If you have any questions about April 30th or the league in general, drop a comment or send us an email.
Stay tuned for more info!


  • Morgan Chase

    Heading to Bailey’s around 3pm today for league. Looking for some playing partners!

  • Rhys Lozinski

    Went to the free play day with a friend, and was instantly blown away. Great course! Very technical, big bombs, short gaps and ohhh the tunnels and hills. Ever wanted to be a lumberjack no problem with the amount of trees that will challenge you!

    Can’t wait for season 1 glad I signed up :)

  • Keith Mc dermott

    The wait is almost over! Super excited for this and wish all my South African friends back home can experience dg courses like we have here in Canada!

  • Levi Wolthuis

    Excited for the league to start.

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