Week 13 Giveaway Details

Hi everyone,

Next week at league there will be a marker and pencil on the green of Hole 17. If you land closer to the pin than where the marker is, please move it to where you landed and add your name. 

Closest to the pin at the end of the day wins a brand new Kastaplast Glow Grym:


  • Dustin Hill

    I also thought I would throw this out there. If you find my disc and leave it at gander with your phone number I will dye a disc of yours for free

  • Dustin Hill

    Hi everyone, on week 10 I miss placed my very favorite midrange disc on hole 3. It is a westside gatekeeper that I did a cool dye job on, it is has a red fade ring on the inside with a green ring and then a teal ring and the green and teal rings have a black fade, it may or may not have my name in the rim(I can’t remember if I inked it).I would appreciate it, if some one found it, if they could leave it on a basket on the course or drop it at gander. Thank you

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