Welcome to Flight League

Hi everyone,
This is Calvin from Gander Disc Golf. Thank you for registering in Flight League Sylvan Lake, and if you haven't: click here to do that!
We are excited to provide Sylvan Lake with a comprehensive league experience focused on fun, competition and community. We're also excited to promote your disc golf community on our social media platforms. We also happen to love your course - even though Holes 14 and 15 have not been kind to us :)
Your league starts next week Thursday, May 12. You can play anytime that day or come to the course at 6:15 PM to join other league members and play in groups. Whenever you decide to play, your round needs to be played with at least one other league member. 
I am in the process of setting up your league on UDisc. Once I do, you will be notified and that is where you will record your weekly rounds. It's that simple. We'll track your scores and post weekly updates here.
Due to the timing of your league being started, your league t-shirts will arrive in June. Your league ambassador Nic Carney will get those to you as soon as they're ready. Your bag tags will be ready for the first day of league. 
If you have any questions, feel free to reach out anytime. I will send one more email prior to your league start up and after that, communication will move here.
Can't wait!
Calvin de Haan
Gander Disc Golf

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