Week 1 Score Update

Hope everyone enjoyed their first week of Flight League! 

If you're on mobile, scroll right to see this week's scores.

Congrats to Kalen Senecal on the hot round at -11! If you don't see your score listed here, it's either because you didn't play this week or your score wasn't registered on UDisc. Not to worry though, it's your top 10 scores that count for your ranking going into playoffs. 

Feel free to leave a comment about your first round below!


Rank Player Average Week 1
1 Kalen Senecal -11 -11
2 Tripp -9 -9
2 Zach Renwick -9 -9
4 Bo -7 -7
5 Darcy -4 -4
6 CK -2 -2
7 Jordan 2 2


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