Welcome to Flight League Junior

Hi everyone,
Flight League Junior starts next week Wednesday, May 4th and we are so excited to watch kids and youth enjoy disc golf together. The first week will be a chance for everyone to pick up their t-shirt and disc, and to try the course out. Everyone will be grouped with similar ages/abilities and at least one older youth or adult will support each group around the course.
Here's the info you need to know:
1. 6:00 - 7:00 PM at Norwester Disc Golf Course: 116 Ave and 167 Street (look for the Gander banners and tent)
2. Players choose a disc and pick up their t-shirts before heading out for a round
3. There will be two tee pad locations for each hole: the regular tee pads for older kids and shorter tee pads for younger kids. The first week will be a good chance to figure out which tee pads are more appropriate for your child.
4. Parents/guardians are required to stay on site for the duration of Flight League
5. There are no washrooms at the course - if a bathroom is needed, Gander is only a couple minutes away :)
6. There may be other disc golfers on the course during Flight League, course courtesies and safety will be reviewed with all kids before they start their rounds
See you there!

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